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When you walk into my space, I truly want you to be able to just sit back & relax. This is why I offer Color Sessions to allow you to enjoy your time and let me worry about the rest!  No need to learn the difference between balayage and foils, or know what the heck a root shadow is. I've got you! Simply choose from one of my package-based experiences below that most suits the results you are looking for.

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Need a little pick me up? This service is for people wanting to refresh their look every 6-8 weeks with a base color or enhance the color around their face framing and crown area. Great for concealing grays or brightening up that money piece!

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Love your dimensional color, and want to keep it up? This is my most popular service in the salon and its perfect for maintaining or making slight upgrades to your current look. Depending on your desired maintenance level, I'll see you for this service every 8-12 weeks.

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Itching for a change? This session is designed for people wanting their full color updated! I suggest scheduling this 1-3x per year to keep you feeling bright and fresh. This experience includes a bond building treatment to keep you on track with your #hairgoals.

All Color Sessions include:

- Signature Color based on your goals

- Custom glaze to lock in your color

- Haircut or conditioning treatment

- Personalized blowout & style

- Post-care product knowledge

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