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sew in hand tied hair extensions long hair snohomish lake stevens washington

Extensions are a powerful tool that can completely change your confidence! Sometimes we aren't born with all the hair we want, it doesn't grow fast enough, or we experience thinning after having kids. We can use extensions to add thickness, length, and enhance our natural hair. Whether you want long hair down to your waist, or just a little extra hair to help you feel "normal", I've got you covered! To get started, fill out my Extension Inquiry form at the bottom of this page. I can't wait to show you how extensions can change your life!

sew in hand tied hair extensions long hair snohomish lake stevens washington
sew in hand tied hair extensions long hair snohomish lake stevens washington

Common Questions

WHAT ARE BEADED WEFT EXTENSIONS? You'll often hear these referred to as Hand-Tied Extensions, but "hand-tied" actually refers to the type of hair installed. The method of installation is called a Beaded Weft. I'll use silicone-lined beads, nylon thread, and your natural hair to create a foundation for the Hand-Tied wefts to be sewn onto!

HOW ARE THEY INSTALLED? Your natural hair will be pulled through silicone-lined beads to create a foudation for the Hand-Tied hair to be stitched into. These "rows" of hair wrap around your head from ear to ear so they lie the same direction your natual hair does, making them look natural and easy to style!

HOW MANY ROWS WILL I NEED? Everyone's needs will differ based on their goals! Here is a general guideline: 1 row - for adding fullness and a few inches of length 2 rows - is the most popular, for adding both fullness and a noticeable amount of length 3 rows - if you are growing out a short haircut, or have naturally thick hair and need to match the density so your extensions blend seamlessly

HOW LONG DOES THE HAIR LAST? Hand-Tied wefts will last anywhere from 9-12 months with proper care. How long they last for each individual really depends on your lifestyle, how often you wash them, and what products you use. But don't worry! Your first installation includes a hair care kit full of goodies to get you started.

WILL THESE EXTENSIONS WORK WITH MY LIFESTYLE? YES! With proper care, these extensions are great for anyone. What is great about having extensions is you'll find you need to wash and style LESS often than you normally do, because extensions hold a style so well. Plus, they are made with human hair so you can wash and style them the way you normally would style your own hair. You just want to make sure you brush them thoroughly, fully blowdry your roots, and don't pull on your extensions too much! We'll go more in-depth on how to care for your extensions at your consultation, and I'm always here to help you throughout your extension journey!

WHAT IS THE INVESTMENT FOR EXTENSIONS? Initial cost will vary greatly depending on the amount of hair needed, length, and color services received. Your first appointment includes everything you need for a successful extension journey, including your first set of products! An accurate quote will be given at your consultation but here is a rough guideline to see if they will fit your budget: 14 inches $1,000-$1,500+ 18 inches $1,200-2,000+ 22 inches $1,750-$2,500+

If you're feeling ready, submit an inquiry below and I'll be in touch soon!

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