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Introduction: A little bit about me!

Hello there! Chances are if you’re stumbling upon this blog you already know me. Most of you are probably clients or friends, or maybe someone that has been following me on social media for a while, but I wanted to make an introduction and a little bit about what I hope to use this space for!

My name is Molly, I am a hairstylist, wife, and a mom! I have been working as a hair stylist since 2012 but my love of hair started loooong before that. Middle school, I think? One of my first memories of wanting to be a hair stylist was when America’s Next Top Model first came out. Those big makeovers were my favorite and then I had this wild idea that I was going to be a runway hair and makeup stylist. It’s laughable now because that actually feels like my worst nightmare. I love working behind the chair and getting to know my clients and be a part of their day to day world! I find so much joy in trying to help them solve their everyday hair struggles through simple solutions like finding the right products, styles, hair color, etc. It’s funny because in beauty school this career path I’ve chosen would have sounded so mundane and boring to me but it is actually full of so many little joys.

My husband, Paul, and I have been together since 2011! It is wild to think about because we were such babies (19 + 20!) and also such different people. I think there is something really special about growing up with your spouse and I feel so grateful we found each other at such a young age. We have overcome a lot in our years together and I cannot fathom what my life would look like without him! We got married in 2015, bought our first house in 2017, and welcomed our daughter, Mabel, in 2022. Paul is in the military which often feels like small and insignificant part of our lives unless he's gone, then it's really big and annoying lol.

Our journey to becoming parents was neither straightforward nor easy and it has really shaped who I am now.  One of the biggest lessons it has taught me is to embrace the duality in life (and parenthood). You can be both insanely grateful for this gift of a child you’ve been blessed with and also want to lock yourself in a room and hide from them sometimes. You can be grateful things worked out the way they did and also still mourn the loss you’ve experienced. You can simultaneously be filled with love and light and also anxiety and overwhelm. It is a wild ride, this life we get to live!

Authenticity is something I really value and one of the reasons I feel myself pulling back more and more from social media. I think it is partially because it is hard to see the highlight reels of others and also because I find it harder to be authentic online myself. Is it because I’m just too wordy to fit all my thoughts into an instagram caption? Maybe, but it’s something I’m working on!

I’m hoping this blog will help me feel a little more inspired to create again. A blog feels simpler, I don’t have to record a bunch of content, pick a trending audio, and stitch things together in hopes of getting some likes and views. I do think social media can be a great tool, it just can feel very inauthentic at times and I am tired of feeling like everyone is trying to sell something to me.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am so happy you’re here 🫶🏻

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