Hand-Tied Extensions

What does "Hand-Tied" Mean?

Hand Tied refers to the actual weft of hair that is installed. Each of these wefts are made by hand. The detail that goes into making this type of hair is incredible! Because it is all tied together by hand it lays very flat to the head and the top of the weft is very thin, helping them to be comfortable and undetectable. Machine tied wefts are also available and are less expensive, but they are thicker at the base and easier to see when you part your hair. This is why I choose to only offer Hand Tied wefts.

How long does the hair last?

Hand Tied wefts are made with real human hair and will last you 6-9 months with proper care. I've created a Hair Care Guide to give you some tips and tricks on how to style your hair and which products to use to get the most longevity out of it. The rows themselves need to be taken out and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks.


What do they feel like?

The rows are placed in a halo pattern around your head, so most clients compare the feeling to wearing a headband! You'll definitely notice the new weight in the beginning, but they should not feel tight or uncomfortable. You may have some discomfort the first night you sleep, and you may even notice a little itching in the beginning. This is all an adjustment period, especially if you've never worn extensions before. After the first week most people don't even notice they are wearing extensions!

What Maintenance is required?

Touch-up appointments are every 6-8 weeks. The first thing we will do at your maintenance appointment is remove your extensions and give your hair and scalp a nice brush out. During removal you will notice some hair shedding and sometimes it can seem like a lot, especially if you've never had extensions before. This is totally normal! Once the extensions are removed and brushed out, we will refresh your color, give the extensions a conditioning treatment, and then reinstall the hair. I also recommend a small trim between move-ups to keep your hair healthy between the extensions.

What if I work out a lot or like to swim?

If you are an active person, you can still wear extensions! It is best to keep your hair dry when going in the pool or ocean, but I have some tricks in my Hair Care Guide to help you out if you just can't give it up. Just know that if you are active and washing your hair more often (or swimming!), your hair will not last as long. It can still be done, you just will have to replace your hair sooner than others might.

More questions? I have more answers!

Check out a more in-depth FAQ Sheet, my Hair Care Guide, or schedule a consultation to get started!


Extensions are a big investment due to the time and cost of hair. I prefer to be very open about the pricing of all of my services and extensions are certainly no exception. So let me break it down for you the best way that I can!

Your first appointment will be the most expensive. The amount of hair you will need depends on many factors: how much hair you naturally have, how long you want it to be, and how thick. All of this will be covered during your consultation. 

My new installation packages are inclusive of everything you need to get started, including product to take home! They are broken down by length and number of "wefts" needed. Five wefts is great for adding thickness and a few inches of length for fine hair, but if you're looking to add more length you will need 8-12 wefts depending on the density of your own hair.

Move up appointments are every 6 to 8 weeks and are charged "A La Carte". Pricing will depend on how many rows are installed and what is being done with your color. I suggest adding on a conditioning treatment for your extensions and a scalp treatment + haircut for yourself if you aren't having any coloring services done.

New Installation

Includes: Cost of the hair, custom color of the extensions, coloring of your natural hair, installation, haircut + style, and a Starter Kit (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and extension-friendly brush)

14" or 18" Extensions:

5 wefts $800+

8 wefts  $1,000+

10 wefts  $1,250+

12 wefts  $1,500+

20" or 22" Extensions:

5 wefts  $900+

8 wefts  $1,200+

10 wefts  $1,500+

12 wefts  $1,800+



$125 per row

$75 per mini row

Removal Only  $35

Removal with Blowout  $70

Removal with Haircut + Style  $85


Shampoo  $35

Extension Treatment  $15

Scalp Treatment  $20

Extension Color Refresh  $50 per row

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