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Information + Salon Protocols

What is required of you?

The State of Washington has issued new guidelines and protocols for salons to follow during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Your next appointment in the salon will look a little different. Here's what's new:

  • Before your appointment, please do a self-assessment. Have you been experiencing any symptoms of illness? Do you have a fever of 100.4 or above? Have you been exposed to anyone exhibiting covid symptoms or anyone who has tested positive? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", we will need to reschedule your appointment. At this time, I will be waiving my rescheduling fee for any sickness related cancellations. However, if you show up to the salon while sick, you will be asked to leave and charged a rescheduling fee.

  • Our waiting area only has space for about 2-3 people, so please arrive on time. If you feel comfortable waiting inside the salon, come on in and have a seat! If you'd prefer to wait in your car, I'll send you a text when my space has been fully sanitized and is prepped and ready for you! Guests are not allowed to accompany you at this time.

  • You will need to put a mask on before entering the building and wear it throughout your appointment. They must be the ones that loop over your ears so it isn't in the way! If you do not have a mask, let me know prior to your appointment and I may have disposable masks available at no extra charge. 

What new regulations must stylists follow?

Salons have always had very strict sanitation guidelines, and before Covid-19 we were trained on how to protect our clients against things like the seasonal flu, tuberculosis, HIV, MERS, etc. I will continue to follow the existing guidelines as well as all new protocols to protect myself and my clients

  • I will self-assess my health before entering the building and monitor my temperature daily.

  • I will wear a mask at all times.

  • I will continue to use a virucidal, fungicidal, germicidal, hospital grade disinfectant on all my tools and surfaces, thoroughly cleaning between each guest. This includes my chair, station, tablet, and any hair products I use.

  • I will continue to use a freshly laundered cape/robe for each guest.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to coming into the salon, please feel free to e-mail me and I will address them!

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